Coronation Awards – 6th May 2023

In celebration of the Coronation of King Charles III, the British and Irish Boxing Authority (BIBA) created the Coronation Awards.

The recipients of British & Irish Boxing Authority Coronation Awards accolade are:

Champion of the year  – Lee McAllister – WBO Intercontinental Champion

Champion of the year  – Eleanor Coulson – IBC, WBL and WBU World Champion

Sportsman of the year – Liam Allan

Sportswoman of the year – Hollie Towl

Overseas Boxer (Male) – Simranjeet Singh (India)

Overseas Boxer (Female) – Joint winners – Mary Aina Abbey (Nigeria) and Jamileth Vallejos (Nicaragua)

Newcomer of the year (Male) – Konrad Nowicki

Newcomer of the year (Female) – Zara Johnson

Fight of the Year (Male) – Lewis Mulberry Vs Kevin Traynor 12th March 2022

FOY Special Mention (Male) – Paul Peers (UK) Vs Samual Akrogo (Ghana) 17th September 2022

Fight of the year (Female) – Hollie Towl (UK) Vs Nadia Flahi (Italy) 13th February 2022

FOY Special Mention (Female) – Hollie Towl (UK) Vs Wendellin Cruz (Nicaragua) 17th September 2022

Event of the year 2022 – Joint winners;

Assassin Promotions, Wishaw, Scotland 12th March 2022

Boyles Pro Boxing, Shirebrook, Notts, 17th September 2022

BIBA Ambassador of the year (Male) – Joint winners – Steffan Hughes and Lee McAllister

BIBA Ambassador of the year (Female) – Joint Winners – Christianne Fahey and Hollie Towl

BIBA Official of the year (Male) – Adrian Thorne

BIBA Official of the year  (Female) – Alejandra Ramirez

BIBA Ring Official of the year (Male) – Lee Murtagh

BIBA Ring Official of the year (Female) – Carla Fox

Promoter of the year 2022 – Chris Boyle (Boyles Pro Boxing)

Manager of the year – Chris Boyle

Coach of the year – Chris Boyle

Matchmaker of the year – James Rodriguez (BB Fight Club)

Overseas Matchmaker of the year – Kuldeep Singh (India)

Venue of the year – Shirebrook Leisure Centre