Big Write Hook Boxing Magazine Goes From Amateur To Pro!

Big Write Hook is a new quarterly boxing magazine which debates the biggest
issues in the sport from serious topics like mental health to the more
trivial things like social media.
BWH is also commitment to worthy causes with dedicated pages to raising
awareness for autism, addiction and male suicide, among other featured
Originally created as a passion project 3 years ago, it has grown in
popularity; going from a bedroom blog to a professionally designed monthly
e-magazine in that time.
Now, after winning investment in a Dragon’s Den style business pitch,
founder and Editor in Chief, Lewis Calvert is looking to take the mag from
a hobby to a full time business.
Monday 6th of August sees the launch of their new website: and pre-orders of the magazine can be made now with
10 free t-shirts to be given away to people who order early.
With newspaper readership falling rapidly, going into print is a massive
risk and it is one that Lewis, 26, is well aware of. He said:
“People aren’t reading the news because it’s depressing. We’re sick of
hearing about Trump and Brexit. That’s why I love sport and boxing so much.
There is none of that. And even though everyone is still using their phone
these days, I think there is room in people’s lives for a printed mag. Just
like the way vinyl records have come back into fashion, we can do that…
only we’re less hipster.
Big Write Hook is an antidote to clickbait. It is something real and
authentic. It is just as good to look at with all the art work in, as it is
to read all the creative features and discussion. The amount of passion and
talent that goes into every page ensures everyone can find something they
like in it.”
The brand gathers writers from all over the country including sports
journalists, published authors and writing students, but they are very
proud to provide a platform for many first time writers too; publishing no
fewer than 20 pieces for first timers over the past 18 months. But how the
pages look is just as important as the words within it.
Ryan Wilson, the magazine designer, said: “To have the creative freedom to
put something like this together is amazing. It is so original. It’s got
graffiti and grunge vibes, comic book styles and other little secrets that
are just too unconventional for mainstream print. But that’s what makes us
I’ve stopped freelancing and recently had a job interview in which I showed
the design team there all of our previous work and they said they wish they
had the balls to do what we do. They even asked me if we were hiring! We’re
not, but I got the job with them because they were so impressed.”
Big Write Hook knows it does not have the financial muscle, resources or
networking power of the bigger boys out there, but if they are your Anthony
Joshua or Tyson Fury, BWH is hoping to be your Tommy Coyle or Dave Allen.
With the support of boxing fans around the country, they are just looking
to see how far they can go and would love you in their corner.